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Automatic sliding door systems are often and focus on above- average demands concerning functionality and economic efficiency. The KIMMATIC (formerly DOORMATIC) KM-1001 sliding door drive offers many convincing advantage, that we have developed and improved the quality. Kimmatic is one of the leading manufacturer’s parts of automatic sliding door system in South Korea. We import all parts of automatic sliding door operator and assembled in Dubai UAE, and now has developed distribution network in Middle East countries (GCC). The company has been executing endless development by Korean technology and engineering since 2006.

The above state of the art technology door operator systems are supplied with whole characteristics such as:

  • Reliable functionality appealing design and affordable price at high cost-effectiveness by Korean technology and engineering.
  • SMPS way controller without power transformer.
  • Newly developed self learning and diagnosis way to find out most optimization.
  • Silence, convenience, safety, security during operation.
  • Simple installation and very fast well experienced technical service

KIMMATIC sliding door operators are universally applicable. They are suitable on single and double-leaf doors, glass, aluminum framed and timber doors. They can be used at interior and exterior doors.

KIMMATIC MODEL KM-2001/2002/2003 Series

The latest addition to Kimmatic Automation family of operators is KM-2001, 2002 and 2003 Series basic kit sliding gate opener for sliding gates. This gear rack sliding gate opener provides exceptional starting torque and continuous operation which makes it ideal for most applications. Constructed with an aluminium alloy chassis it is corrosion resistant and light enough for one person to carry and install.

The above state of the art technology gate operator systems are supplied with whole characteristics such as:

  • Opens gate weighing up to 600kgs for KM-2001 and 1000kgs for KM-2002, up to 30ft in length.
  • Supports up to 100 remotes.
  • 2 included user programmable and user erasable remote codes
  • RF hopping code technology prevents your remote code being accessible to others
  • Auto-close feature
  • For your safety, this model will stop and reverse if it encounters an obstruction on closing and stop when it encounters an obstruction on opening
  • Manual key release design for emergency purposes
  • Pedestrian mode
  • Single-phase motor
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY directly from our company